Say goodbye to summer – autumn is here! This time of year can seem a little hectic with school and other autumn activities, but here are three quick-to-implement ideas to organize your home for the new season.


With these quick organizing ideas you can look forward to the beautiful autumn season ahead!



1. For many, autumn brings damper, chillier weather. Put out a rubber mat in your entryway for wet and muddy boots and install a few hooks for easy coat storage.



2. Group your seasonal lawn equipment together in the garage. Place rakes, heavy duty yard gloves, and other items frequently used for hauling leaves and branches near each other for a quick-access autumn yardwork zone.


3. Make room for fall clothing by taking a few minutes to look over your closet. Are there any summer clothing items you didn’t wear this past season? Toss them in a box and take them to a donation center. If you didn’t wear it this summer, chances are you won’t wear it next year either!