Summer is the perfect time to get outside and be active. From playing golf or softball to shooting hoops at the park, the warm weather means we can all enjoy being outside a little bit more. With that in mind, throughout the summer (and beyond) you’ll want to make sure your athletic equipment stays organized in your garage. That way, you’ll always know where your cleats are, which can be especially helpful when you’re in a hurry. Here are three storage tips to keep your garage organized for your athletic lifestyle.


Whether you’re a tennis player, a Frisbee enthusiast, an avid baseball player or a bicyclist, you’re sure to have your fair share of sporting equipment. The garage can be the perfect place to store all that equipment as long as you know how to organize it. To store balls for tennis, basketball, baseball, football and other ball sports, consider investing in a large bin. That way you can store all your balls together without the risk of losing any. If you play a sport that requires a helmet or racquet, install a row of hooks to hold them. Other options for storing your equipment include shelves for shoulder pads and a cupboard for bats.


Whether you’re in running shoes, cleats, spikes or cycling shoes, you’ll need a space to put them. Invest in a rack that can fit athletic shoes for everyone in the house. You can give each person his or her own rack or divvy it up by sport (with cleats on one rack and running shoes on another).


When you’re an athlete carrying a bunch of equipment with you, you’re bound to need an athletic bag. Instead of throwing your bag randomly on the ground each time you come back from playing, designate a specific area for bags only. Install large hooks from which to hang your bag to keep it off the garage floor. By simply lifting your bag off the ground, your garage will look more organized. Plus, if you hang your bag in the same spot every time, you’ll always be ready to be active at a moment’s notice.


Making your garage perfect for your athletic lifestyle doesn’t have to be difficult. By breaking it down into these three easy categories, your garage will be ready for all your summer sports!