Gardening season is here! Whether you are an avid gardener with an enormous garden or you simply have a few pots of flowers around your yard, getting your tools and accessories into order for the planting season is a must. All you need is a little bit of time, and the right storage solution to get your garage perfectly organized for gardening enjoyment! Here are four tips to help you with your seasonal arrangement.


1. Hang it.

Many of your gardening supplies are perfect for hanging to keep them within easy reach. Think about tools that have holes in the handles or hooks on the end. These will be the ones that are best for hanging. To do this, consider using slatwall with adjustable hooks to hang anything from shrub rakes to herb scissors.



2. Shelve it.

While some of your gardening equipment can be hung easily, there are others that will need to be put on a shelf. This could include garden gloves, seeds, pots and watering cans. To keep these tidy and neat, install cabinets with open shelves that are easy to reach for convenient accessibility.

3. Hide it.

Some gardening tools can have the tendency to make your garage look disorderly. Why not hide them by storing these items behind closed doors in a cabinet? They can be easily placed in a cabinet alongside bags of dirt and gardening boots to give your garage a clean, open look and feel.


4. Organize it.

Once you know where everything in your gardening garage is going, it's time to get organized. Arrange things on the slatwall in order from smallest to largest, by color, or from the most used to the least used. On the shelves, make sure the things you need most often are the easiest to reach. In cabinets, give everything its proper place so it doesn't just become a haphazard storage closet.