You do it all – from painting the house to fixing the fence to making birdhouses for the yard. With all those different projects, there’s bound to be a variety of tools and miscellaneous items in your garage to help you out. Whether you’ve got a to-do list of projects around the house that need to be done or you have sudden inspirations of craftiness, a clutter-free garage can make all the difference when you need to get work done. When you use the three tips below, you’ll be successful no matter what the project is!


In life, sometimes it’s the small things that matter. When it comes to being a handyman, it’s no different. Making sure you keep all the small things (like bolts, nuts, washers, nails, tape measures and levels) on hand and easily accessible makes DIY projects run more smoothly. Consider using small bins to keep things neat so you don’t have to rummage through the entire garage to find the accessory you’re looking for.

Small tools

From wrenches to screwdrivers to pliers, as a DIYer, you’re sure to have a plethora of tools that help you get the job done. By storing these tools together, you’ll always know where to look first for exactly what you need. Whether you want to store them in bins, in drawers or on shelves is up to you as long as everything is stored together.

Bigger items

Whether you’re need a ladder to clean out a gutter or rakes to landscape your backyard, there are some tools in your garage that take up space. For items that can be suspended from the wall, hang them from hooks on a slatwall to get them off the floor and out of the way, yet easy to reach when you need them. For other large, clunky objects, consider hiding them behind closed garage cabinets so they don’t become eyesores but are still easily accessible. 

Because you’ll know exactly where all your tools are, these tips will make your next home project quick and easy!