There's no doubt the easy, breezy days of summer make us all feel like kicking back and relaxing. Vacations, picnics, parties, and play time fill our days, but while we're enjoying ourselves, clutter can sneak up and fill our garages faster than you can say, "Now, where did I put those badminton racquets?" With some great garage organization ideas for summer, you'll confidently conquer your personal plethora of yard tools, gardening supplies, hoses, sandals, and toys - and be proud to keep that garage door wide open.


Here are our top picks to make the most of your garage this summer:


1. Lift items off the ground.

Spare your floor from pileups and keep your belongings clean and dry by storing them up and off the ground. A slatwall system with adjustable hooks, racks and baskets provides plenty of flexibility to add and rearrange.

2. Make it easy to go green. 

Choose a space right outside the door to store recyclables and bottle returns. Placed in a convenient location, it's simple to access and easier to remember the next time you're heading to the store.

3. Create an activity area.

Designate a space in your garage for your favorite hobby. A workbench with cabinets and drawers keeps everything from tools to gardening equipment organized and in one convenient location.

4. Store the "Fun in the Sun" essentials.

Keep all your sun essentials in one spot so you can get to the pool or beach sooner. Place baskets and hooks at kid-height for storing sunscreen, swim gear, towels and other summer supplies so the whole family can grab and go.

5. Keep the dirt outside.

Set up a shoe storage rack and practice the habit of shedding shoes before entering your home. Place a rug outside the door to prevent dirt from being tracked inside.