It's time to put away the pruning shears and golf clubs and get your garage organized before winter arrives. Unfortunately, after a long season of lawn mowing, sports practices and at-home DIY projects, the state of your garage may not be the best in terms of tidiness. Before you get discouraged by the seemingly overwhelming task of restoring order, here are four tips to help you clean your garage for the upcoming season.



1. Reclaim your shelves

Examine your shelving space to see which items have seen their last summer. Whether it’s the empty bag of grass seed, an old pair of shoes or some gardening gloves you bought a few years back that still have the tag on them, it’s time to decide what needs to be thrown, what can be donated, and what should be packed away for the winter.

2. Rediscover your floor

Over the course of the past year the flooring of your garage may have gotten covered and cluttered with items that weren’t returned to their original places. This includes the shoes that weren’t put back on the rack, the sports bags that were left near the door and the toolboxes that didn’t make it back to the shelf. Simply picking these things up off the floor will make a big difference in the look of your garage.



3. Revamp your doorway

The items placed next to your door for easy access during summer, such as baseball bats or gardening tools, may not be your go-to cold-weather equipment. Swap them out for the things you’ll need in the fall and winter, including soccer balls and snow shovels.



4. Reorganize your cabinetry

After your shelves, flooring, and doorway have been rearranged for optimal use in the fall, it’s time to stow your warm-weather belongings. Use the cabinets in your garage to store the out-of-season items you’ve collected throughout the space until summer rolls around again. Use drawers for storing medium-sized items (such as basketballs and footballs), and place small items (including spray bottles) on shelves.


Even though it took an entire season to get it to the less-than-pristine condition it may be in now, cleaning the garage for fall and winter is a cinch when you implement these easy tips.