Big or small, garages can be the epicenter of maximum home organization with the right organization solution. From yard equipment to extra pantry staples, everything can find its place in the garage. If you're struggling to make use of often-overlooked space, look no further! 


Oftentimes the secret to organization of the tools, toys and gadgets a family uses most rests in the addition of one key feature - in this case, slatwall! Adding slatwall in your garage provides you with limitless possibilities for organizing. From baskets to hooks, useful accessories can be hung on slatwall for completely customizable organization. You can swap out accessories, rearrange them, or add more depending on your needs. Here are three of our favorite slatwall accessories:


Where are my keys? Where did I put that wrench? Has anyone seen the windshield scraper?" If you've ever found yourself asking any variation of those questions then there's no doubt garage hooks could make your life much easier. Hang up items that would normally be tossed in drawers or set absentmindedly on counters and you'll avoid that, "Now where did I put that" moment. 

Magnetic Tool Rack.

Tools are easy to misplace and lose in a toolbox full of jumbled odds and ends. For easier access and organization, hang metal tools on a magnetic tool rack. You'll be able to see which tools are missing or being used at a glance and save yourself time usually spent searching through cabinets.


Wire baskets are perfect for visually organizing items usually hidden away in bins and behind doors. Use baskets mounted on the wall for outdoor toys and sports equipment so your kids can see and access their items when they're needed. Baskets are also great for creating an organized garage "drop-zone." Gardening gloves, bike helmets, the dog's tennis balls, etc. can be easily dropped off in a basket as you walk back into the house.


Small garage accessories like these can have a big impact on organization and with just a few additions, you can optimize your garage space. But don't think the ones we mentioned are the only accessories you can hang on slatwall - see our garage gallery for even more options!