Does your garage store everything but the car? If your garage is so cramped that there’s barely room to park your vehicle, the problem may not be too much stuff – but rather a lack of organization. Just a little bit of work and smart storage solutions can transform this underutilized space into the most functional place in the house. 


Here are five reasons why you should organize your garage – with helpful tips on how to get started. 

1. Spend less time finding what you need
Organization leads to more effective time management and better efficiency. While it might take some time to sort, organize, and clean your garage (especially if this hasn’t been done before), you’ll actually save time in the long run after your garage is in order.


Start by prioritizing the items you use on a regular basis, and seek out organizational tools and accessories that let you dedicate a “home” for each. 



Are you the family handyman? Try some plastic utility bins to hold smaller items like nails and screws, and install a magnetic strip to keep your tools within easy reach. 



Known for your green thumb? Hang some wire baskets for gardening gloves, small tools and nozzles, and use hooks of all sizes for handheld tools, rakes and more.



Kids into sports? Create dedicated storage so it’s easy to grab sports gear when you’re on the go. Baskets, racks or hooks keep items readily available – and easy for your kids to put away after practice or games. This way, you’ll always know where to find the matching soccer cleats and shin guards!    

2. Keep items protected
When belongings fall onto the floor or are scattered across the garage, they’re more likely to become lost or be subject to damage (like flooding or leaks, getting stepped on or run over, etc.). Get items up and off the floor with slatwall accessories and cabinets so they will stay dry and protected. 



How can you shield your car from bikes, rakes, shovels and other tall items that tend to fall over? Use hooks to keep them up against the wall and off the floor. Try a double hook or an S-shaped hook with rubber coating that grips tool handles securely. 



If your counters tend to get cluttered easily, opt for overhead cabinets above your work space so you can easily see everything you need while keeping items close by. Or choose cabinets with doors to conceal items for a neat and clean appearance. 


With the garage as the main gateway into the home, it’s common for dirt and mud to get tracked inside. By getting items off the garage floor, it will make for easier cleaning and maintenance, and reduce the amount of dirt inside your home. 

3. Feel less stressed
Organization has shown benefits in many parts of a person’s life, including sounder sleep, reduced stress and boosted productivity. When you come home to a messy or unsystematic garage space, it could cause additional stressors you might not even notice. Taking time to tackle the piles and implement some simple organization solutions will help curb the chaos and help you feel happier.

Here are five garage organization solutions to try:

  • Shelving for smaller items
  • Cabinets for collections of items
  • Bins for seasonal items
  • Hanging storage for larger items
  • Lofted storage for the largest items of all

To read more, see this article on the essential elements of an organized garage.

4. Save money and space
When your space is unorganized, it’s easy to forget what you already own. If you need to find something quickly, you’re more likely to buy a new item than try to track down something that isn’t immediately seen. Go through this cycle just a few times, and you soon might find yourself as the owner of eight dozen golf balls or 10+ screwdrivers – and no place to store them all. 


Save money and valuable space by having a dedicated spot for each item – and knowing where new purchases will go before you pull out your wallet. 



For the handyman or woman with lots of hand tools, you’ll appreciate the convenience of a magnetic tool bar. It holds hammers, pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers and more, keeping them close by and off the counter so your work space stays tidy. 

5. Make it part of your home
Gone are the days when the garage was used only to store tools or to house cars. This hard-working space can be utilized for many different tasks and for everyone in the household, including home improvement projects, bicycle and car repair, hobby work, gardening prep, a recycling center, a mancave, momcave and more.  


No matter your storage needs, a good organization solution is one helps you get the most out of your space. It’s simple to make the garage a functional, appealing part of your home. A variety of cabinet configuration options with on-trend colors and stylish hardware let you create a look that coordinates with your home’s interior, or you can choose cabinets with a mix of laminate and steel for an upgraded appearance. 


Tap into the full potential of your garage and turn that underused space into a place so organized you’ll be proud to leave your garage doors open.