MaxMount Shelf System

A winning combination of overhead storage and layered hanging organization below allows you to maximize the wall space in your garage.

32" MaxMount Starter Kit


32" MaxMount Extension Kit

64" Complete MaxMount Shelf System

64" Complete MaxMount Shelf System

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96" Complete MaxMount Shelf System

96" Complete MaxMount Shelf System

View & Customize
128" Complete MaxMount Shelf System

128" Complete MaxMount Shelf System

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MaxMount Hooks

Load up your kit with an assortment of heavy-duty, rubber-coated, steel hooks to complete your personalized garage wall solution.

3" MaxMount Single Hooks (4pk)


3" MaxMount Double Hooks - Wide (2pk)


5" MaxMount Double Hooks - Standard (2pk)


5" MaxMount J Hooks (2pk)



Paneled wall storage equipped to hold your everyday garage gear.

Slatwall - White 4 ft.


4' Grey Slatwall (4pk)


Slatwall Accessories

Durable, steel hooks designed to safely secure and hold everyday garage gear on an EasyGarage Slatwall solution.

4" Snap Hook


4" Double Hook


6" Narrow Hook


6" Double J Hook


8" Snap Hook


8" Double Hook


J Hook


Small Wire Basket


Medium Wire Basket


Large Wire Basket


Plastic Utility Bin


Paper Towel Holder


Screw Driver Rack


Hose + Cord Holder


2-Piece Fishing Rod Holder


Angled shoe shelf


13" Magnetic Tool Bar


Sports Bag


Gear Bag


Adjustable Horizontal Bike Rack


Kayak Rack


Parking Mats

A parking mat will give your rides a designated parking spot in your own home and protect the garage floor from everyday vehicle wear.

Flooring Tiles

Use tiles as parking mats or cover your entire garage floor with wall-to-wall application.


Covering all raw tiles, Edges will secure your space with a clean and finished look.


Rounded Corner tiles add structure to the uncovered corners of your flooring installation by connecting two edges.

12" Corner Flooring Tile - Jet Black (4pk)