4' Grey Slatwall (4pk)

4' Grey Slatwall (4pk)


Use everyday tools for a simple-to-install slatwall solution. Durable and versatile, slatwall elevates and stores items ranging from screwdrivers to ladders on a variety of heavy-duty hooks. Fastened into the panel grooves, the hooks lock into place for secure storage that keeps items big and small alike off the floor and grab n’ go ready.

  • Strong and durable industrial PVC construction
  • Includes 4, 12" X 48" Panels; 2, 48" Frame moldings, and 40 color matching screws
  • Water and moisture resistant
  • Simple, do-it-yourself installation
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Features -

Versatile + Durable Slatwall Storage

A customer-favorite multipurpose storage system, slatwall is strong and can securely hold a wide variety of items. From screwdrivers to ladders, Slatwall elevates and organizes your belongings with heavy-duty hooks that lock and fasten into panel grooves.

Arrange Your Garage

  • Each hook locks into place on durable panels for secure storage
  • Up to 30 lbs. can be hung on each steel-constructed hook
  • Elevate a variety of gear on hooks, baskets, bags, and more

How It Works

Slatwall's lightweight yet durable PVC construction makes it easy to cut so it can be installed around outlets, windows, and other obstructions. That means it’s simple to cover a single space or tackle a wall-to-wall installation. The array of versatile hooks will lift and securely hold items and are ready to take on projects big or small.

Installation +

Installation Instructions

View step-by-step instructions for installing EasyGarage slatwall products.

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